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Every Saturday at the St. Roch Tavern with DJ Q - 10pm till ...

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Spin / Noisey / Vice / Vans House Party w/ Nicky Da B

Sydney Opera House (Australia) w/ Nicky Da B

Sissy Bounce Sweetheart's Ball w/ Big Freedia, Sissy Nobby and Katey Red

Nicky Da B at SXSW 2012

Big Freedia Booty Battle!

Bounce Night at Republic in NOLA


Nicky Da B - "Go Loko"

Nicky Da B and Diplo - "Express Yourself"

Nicky Da B - "Hot Potato Style"

Big Freedia - "Y'all Get Back Now"

Big Freedia - "Excuse"


Blow Your Head Profile by Diplo + Mad Decent

"That B.E.A.T" by Nokia / The Sundance Channel

NY Times Magazine

Nicky Da B Profile

Prince Paul visits New Orleans (Scion)

Punks Under Pressure

Last Call with Carson Daly - Click here to watch the video.

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NY Times Magazine
Scion A/V Interview
Rusty Lazer On Bounce Music and the New Orleans Airlift • Click here for part 2
SF Bay Guardian Profile

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Rusty Lazer is New Orleans DJ and Manager that specializes in the street music of his adopted home town. Though known primarily as the live DJ and creative partner of Sissy Bounce rapper Nicky Da B, and formerly as Big Freedia's manager for 3 years, as a solo DJ Rusty Lazer brings the Bounce Music (and the dancers!) that make the booties go!

Other Music Records in New York calls his set "a sweaty, mega-mix crash course in the hard and nasty sound of the 'Nolia (New Orleans). Rusty Lazer ain't for the prudes, but it's some of the most infectious dance music you'll ever hear if you're not familiar."

Alongside the music that defines the city he calls home, Rusty loves anything that gets bodies moving, and his tastes are vast and varied. Early Soul and R&B, Vogue/Ballroom remixes, Brass Band Jams, Trap and early Swing and Blues all find their way into the mix.

Rusty has performed throughout Europe, the U.S., China and Japan and created soundtracks for circuses, plays and performance art spectacles for the MOMA/P.S. 1, Deitch Projects and many others. He has co-produced several Bounce videos including Big Freedia's "Y'all Get Back Now", "Excuse" and Nicky Da B's "Express Yourself" (w/ Diplo) and "Hot Potato Style". Additionally, he has written about culture for major publications (Arena Homme Plus, Tank, and more), appeared in articles and videos about New Orleans culture for the New York Times, Spin, Bust, The Carson Daly Show, The Sundance Channel and dozens of others. His relationships with the world of fashion have also led to collaborations and events with artists such as Nick Knight, Rick Owens, Matthew Williams (Lady Gaga / Kanye West) and several clothing companies including Vans, Karmaloop, Ray Ban and many more.

More than just a musician, Rusty also maintains active involvement with The New Orleans Airlift, which he created in 2006 with co-director Delaney Martin. The Airlift is a not-for-profit organization devoted to helping New Orleans artists collaborate with non-local artists at home and abroad. Crowning achievements for the Airlift include press and travel opportunities for dozens of local musicians, artists, filmmakers, puppeteers and performance artists. To date the organization is tackling its most ambitious project, the Dithyrambalina, a massive "musical village" which combines invented instrumentation and architecture designed by lead artist Swoon. Phase 1, a prototype of the village called The Music Box, was performed upon by musicians like Thurston Moore, Andrew W. K., Mannie Fresh, Jim White and dozens more. Footage of the Music Box performances be seen here

Hear what he plays, read what he writes and see videos:

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